We offer remote training options to fit any budget:
Remote Training
Please note that there is a $50 one time set-up fee and a 3 month commitment required for all plans.  We will continue sending workouts after the 3 month minimum unless you cancel your account and provide 10 days notice.

  • $50 per month: 1 monthly progress assessment done online with pictures and weight through client portal 
  • $75 per month: 1 monthly in-person progress assessment with body fat and tape measurements
  • $100 per month: bi-weekly monthly progress assessments with body fat and tape measurements

After years of in-person training we realized that there was is a need for remote training.  This program is perfect for individuals who are comfortable working out on their own and are motivated to do so.  Every month you will receive new workouts to be performed at your local gym or with your home equipment.  We will work around any physical limitations you have and design a plan for your specific goals.  Your nutrition plan will change as needed to keep your body progressing and avoid that dreaded "plateau". 

Remote client, Leo
Remote client, Dana
Remote client, Ehsan
Remote client, Noelle
Remote client, Alma