Personal Training- One on One sessions
Iron Addiction (In-Person) Training Services
One on One Training- 60 minutes
1 session: $90/ 60 min
10 sessions: $850
20 sessions: $1640
30 sessions: $2400
40 sessions: $3120
50 sessions: $3750
We have a training option to fit your goals, lifestyle, health issues, or injuries. 
All personal training packages and group training sessions include a custom nutrition plan. 

(Cost per session averages $17.50 per hour)
Group training (6-8 people) focused on building/sculpting muscle for a leaner, stronger, body. Body parts are split up and are worked 1-2x a week. Class prices include diet and monthly measurements.

Current class body part split:
Monday- Legs (women), Chest/arms (men)
Tuesday- Back/shoulders (men and women)
Wednesday- Chest/arms (women), Legs (men)
Thursday- Legs (women), Chest/arms (men)
Friday- Back/shoulders (men and women)

Available groups:
5 days per week: Mon-Fri 5 am (60 minutes): $350/month
5 days per week: Mon-Fri 7 am (60 minutes): $350/month
**or choose to do any of the above classes 3x per week for $250/ month**

One on One Training- 30 minutes 
1 session: $45/ 30 min
10 sessions: $450 
15 sessions: $660
20 sessions: $860

The best glute and ab workout around! 

Lasts approx 50 minutes.
Please message for next booty camp date!

Taught by Trish Wood 
$20 per class 
(Venmo only @ironaddiction)

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Kiss My Booty Camp
Small Group Training- 
Double click here to add text.Want a phone or in-person consultation with your assigned trainer? We offer 15 min phone consultations or 30 min in-person consultations with your trainer to discuss goals, plan options/changes, nutrition guidance, etc. You can also use this option to get help in deciding which plan would work best for you.