Personal Training- One on One sessions
Iron Addiction Training Services
One on One Training- 60 minutes
10 sessions: $750
20 sessions: $1400
30 sessions: $1950
40 sessions: $2400
50 sessions: $3000
We have a training option to fit your goals, lifestyle, health issues, or injuries. 
All personal training packages and group training sessions include a custom nutrition plan. 

(Cost per session averages $17.50 per hour)
Group training (6-8 people) focused on building/sculpting muscle for a leaner, stronger, body. Body parts are split up and differ depending on the number of days per week the class meets.

​Morning groups:
5 days per week: Mon-Fri 5:20 am (60 minutes): $350/month
5 days per week: Mon-Fri 7am (60 minutes): $350/month
5 days per week: Mon-Fri 9am (60 minutes): $350/month

Evening group:
3 days per week: Tues, Wed, Thurs 5:30pm (60 minutes): $250/ month 
One on One Training- 30 minutes 
10 sessions: $400 
20 sessions: $700
30 sessions: $990

The best glute and ab workout around! 
Lasts approx 50 minutes.
Taught by Trish Wood 

Saturdays at 8:00am: $20 per class  (drop in only)
(cash or Venmo only)

Kiss My Booty Camp
Small Group Training-