Competition Prep plans
At Iron Addiction, we've created a successful competition program and pride ourselves in bringing quality competitors to the stage.  Our clients compete in various organizations including the NPC/IFBB, NANBF/IFPA, WBFF, and the INBA/ABA.  We're familiar with the posing, judging criteria, and supplement limitations of all the different organizations and will get you into the best shape of your life!

COMPETITOR PRICING : includes monthly workouts  loaded to your client portal along       with diet changes done as needed to keep you on track for show date.  Check ins will be weekly starting at 8 weeks out from show

  • On Season: $350 per month until contest date and you can continue with our program to train through your Off Season: $250 per month 
  • There is no limit to the number of contests for which you can prep
  • Starting 8 weeks out from your contest, posing practice will be included at no extra charge.  We will meet 1x per week at our studio or online for 30 min.  Additional posing may be purchased at current rates listed below.
  • Travel/coach pass fees will be charged the week of show to cover fees incurred by our coaches to attend local shows. Out of town shows are NOT part of the competitor pricing.  If you would like your coach to attend, arrangements and compensation will be discussed.

As coaches and spectators of the sport, we understand just how important posing is!  You've put in months of dieting and hours of cardio to get into the best shape of your life, so don't let your posing and stage presence cause you to place lower than you should!  We will teach you posing techniques and create a routine and/or stage walk to enhance your stage presence and showcase your physique.

IA coaches have experience with bodybuilding routine choreography as well as music selection for both men and women.  We are also knowledgeable about  bikini, wellness, and men's physique divisions that don't have any standardized poses and we can emphasize your strengths and hide any weaker points of your physique.

Posing with Trish: $100/hour or $50/ 30 min for one on one session

*Posing is included if you are a member of Team Addiction. 

Competition Posing
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