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5/19-5/20/17- Junior USA's, Location TBD
6/15-6/17/17 - Junior Nationals, Chicago, IL
6/30-7/1/17- Team Universe, Teaneck, NJ
7/19-7/22/17- Masters Nationals, Pittsburgh, PA
7/28-7/29/17- USA's, Las Vegas, NV
8/30-9/2/17- North Americans, Pittsburgh, PA
11/17-11/18/17- Nationals, Miami, FL

Iron Addiction Competition Training
At Iron Addiction, we have created a successful competition program and pride ourselves in having down to earth, hardworking, competitors that want to be part of a team.  Our clients compete in all kinds of organizations including the NPC/IFBB, NANBF/IFPA, WBFF, and the INBA/ABA.  We are familiar with the posing and judging criteria of all the different organizations and will strive to get you into the best shape of your life!

   **Competition prep requires a 3 month commitment and 10 day cancellation notice.**

  • Package includes monthly workouts & nutrition plans loaded to your client portal & bi-weekly in-person progress assessment (for local competitors)        
  • $600 first month & $200 per month thereafter until contest date or you can continue with our program to train through your "off-season" for healthy muscle growth 
  • There is no limit to the number of contests for which you can prep
  • Starting 8 weeks out from your contest, posing practice will be included at no extra charge.  We will meet 1x per week either at our studio or via FaceTime or Skype

Competition Posing
As both coaches and spectators of the sport, we've come to realize just how important posing is in a competition.  You've put in months of dieting and hours of cardio to get into the best shape of your life, so don't let your posing and stage presence cause you to place lower than you should!  We will teach you posing techniques and help you with your routine and/or stage walk to enhance your stage presence and showcase your physique.

We have experience with bodybuilding routine choreography as well as music selection for both men and women.  We also are knowledgeable about the bikini and men's physique divisions that don't have any standardized poses.  We are skilled in posing your body to emphasize your strengths and hide weaker points of your physique.

Cost: $80/hour for one on one posing with Mike, Trish, James, or Kortne. Posing is included if you are a member of Team Addiction. The following packages are also available:
8 session posing package: $550 
4 session posing package: $300

Men & Women
Men's Physique
Women's Physique
2017 NPC National Competition List:
Show listed below are all shows that Iron Addiction coaches attend with clients.  For the full list go to

2/18/17- Muscle Evolution, Santa Clara, CA (NPC)
4/1/17- Governors Cup, Sacto, CA (NPC)
4/29/17- Fresno Classic, Fresno, CA (NPC)
5/13/17- Contra Costa, Hayward, CA (NPC)
6/3/17- Northern California Challenge, Sacramento, CA (IFBB/NPC)
7/1/17- San Jose Championships, Santa Clara, CA (IFBB/ NPC)
8/12/17- Golden State, Sacramento (IFBB/NPC)
8/26/17- Tahoe Show, South Lake Tahoe, CA (NPC)
9/9/17- Central California Championships- Fresno,CA (NPC)
10/14/17- San Francisco Championships- Hayward, CA (NPC)
10/28/17- Sacramento Championships- Sacramento, CA (NPC)
11/18-11/19/17- Ferrigno Legacy- Palm Springs, CA (IFBB/NPC)

2017 NPC/IFBB Regional Competition List:
2017 WNBF (Natural) Competition List:
6/17/17- INBF LA, Monrovia, CA (pro qualifier)
7/15/17- INBF/WNBF Muscle Mayhem, Sacto, CA (pro qual)
​Fall (date TBD)- INBF Battle of the Bay, San Ramon, CA (pro qual)

Classic Physique