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About Iron Addiction
We founded Iron Addiction in 2010 with the goal of providing quality personal training services to all types of people.  We cater to the beginner who just wants to lose weight and get stronger, the athlete who wants to improve in his/her sport, and the competitor who wants to prolong their life on stage with healthy competition prep.  Although Iron Addiction is family-owned and operated in downtown Roseville, CA, we provide remote training to people all over the United States.  

We brought James on to our team because he fully embraces the Iron Addiction lifestyle and emulates our work ethic.  We are a team that thrives on our clients' success and we have the experience and knowledge to get you to your goal in a healthy way.  

We want you to make a long-term, lifestyle, change!

Mike Wood, Owner
Trish Wood, Owner
ISSA Personal Training
ISSA Fitness/Exercise Therapy 
NESTA Speed, Quickness, & Agility Coach
ACE nutrition
First Aid & CPR 
Nutritionist in Weight Management

  • Experience in MMA training and conditioning since 2003
  • Experienced stage competitor since 2000
  • Experienced in military, police, and firefighter readiness training
  • Specializes in sport and position specific training, as well as bodybuilding competition nutrition plans
  • Personal trainer since 2000
  • Experienced in bodybuilding posing and routines

ISSA Personal Training
NESTA Sport Yoga
NESTA Spencer Pilates
NESTA Lifestyle Weight Management Coach
NESTA Fitness Nutrition Coach
First Aid & CPR
Nutritionist in Weight Management

  • IFBB Professional women's physique competitor 
  • Experienced stage competitor since 2008 (in bodybuilding, figure, and women's physique) with pro cards in the following organizations: IFBB Pro women's physique, IFPA/WNBF pro figure & bodybuilding, & ​WNBA pro Ms. Physique
  • Personal trainer since 2006​
  • Having been overweight previously, she specializes in fat loss and lean muscle building for all body types
  • Experienced in stage presentation and posing for bodybuilding, figure, bikini, and women's/men's physique

James Anderson
 Personal Trainer
ISSA Personal Training
First Aid & CPR

  • NPC National level competitor
  • Experienced stage competitor since 2014
  • Personal trainer since 2013
  • Specializes in recognizing client potential and helping them to reach and exceed that potential.  He excels at pushing people to reach new limits and enjoys seeing their physical and mental transformations.

Trish Before